The foundations of Coşkunöz Holding were laid in 1950. Now it is one of the significant enterprises contributing added value in the automotive supply industry. It has domestic and foreign investments in the aviation and automotive.

Coşkunöz Holding transforms its industry experience of more than 70 years into value for all its stakeholders in the fields it operates.


M. Kemal Coşkunöz, the founder of Coşkunöz Holding and its companies, was employed as a technical high school teacher at the Tophane Art School in 1946.

His entrepreneurial spirit was apparent from the early stages of his business life and in 1949, setting up his own workshop, he became the first person in Turkey to produce cutlery from a mold. He was as dedicated to production as he was to learning and teaching. During Turkish industry’s years of scarcity he produced the first patented textile marking machine in Turkey. Besides that, by achieving serial production of accumulator tongs, he participated in production of Turkey’s first oil seals, steel bodywork and driver cabins.

“Master” Kemal approached everything with his principle “IF I DO A JOB, I MUST BE THE BEST”.  When he founded the first joint stock company of Coşkunöz Holding in 1973, he adopted the national economy’s growth target. He made major contributions to the development and naturalization of the Turkish automotive industry. He believed that every individual had a responsibility with regards finding solutions for social problems. In 1988, he established Bursa Coşkunöz Education Foundation so as to fill the deficiency in vocational education which he regarded to be one of the biggest problems of Modern Turkey; to meet skilled labor requirements of the production sector and to provide unemployed youngsters with a job and occupation. Coşkunöz Education Foundation, which was one of the first social responsibility projects developed in Turkey, continues supporting vocational education on this sound basis, increasing in strength as he would have desired.
  • 50

    Production of the first patented fabric marking machine in Turkey.


  • 54

    Establishment of SKT; mass production of accumulator and manufacturing of the first oil seal.

  • 60

    Separating from SKT. K.COŞKUNÖZ workshop in BURSA Yeniyol was established. Production of Steel Joinery Profile Formed from Sheet Metal.

  • 63

    Production of the first steel bus bodywork instead of wood bodywork in Turkey.

  • 65

    Manufacturing of the first hydraulic press.

  • 66

    The foundation of Metal Form factory was laid.

    Manufacturing of the first driver station in Turkey (for FIAT 153 Tow Car).

  • 68

    Metal Form factory started production with 150 employees in the Bursa Organized Industrial Zone.

  • 69
    Mass production of Turkish Tractor vehicle body was started.
  • 73

    Mass production of Oyak Renault vehicle body parts commenced.

  • 74

    Production of the first “Resistance Welding Machine”.

  • 76

    The first collective labor agreement was signed with Turkish Metal Union.

  • 83

    MEKSAN A.Ş. was established.

    Production commenced in the Machine and Mold Factory.

    BELTAN A.Ş. was established.

  • 85

    Cem Nakliyat A.Ş. was established.

  • 88

    Coşkunöz Education Foundation was established.

  • 89

    AQAP-4 Quality System Certificate was obtained.

    The first export of Hydraulic and Mechanical Press was made to South Africa and England.

  • 90

    The first export of sheet metal forming molds was made to Isuzu Belford Company/England and Opel/Germany.

  • 91

    Exports of Carrying and Housing Boxes, made from aluminum alloys, for the Defense Industry commenced.

  • 92

    The first CNC Press and Micro-process Controlled Resistance Welding Machine was produced.

    COŞKUNÖZ Radyatör A.Ş.. was established.

  • 93

    Sheet metal part export to GM Europe establishments began.

  • 95
    ISO 9002 quality system certificate was granted ( BVQI and TSE ).
  • 97

    KEREM PRES A.Ş. was established.

    Beltan A.Ş. made a partnership agreement with Freudenberg Group.

    The STARPAN brand for steel panel flat radiators and electric oil radiators was registered.

    QS 9000 and ISO 9001 quality system certificates were granted (BVQI ).

    Coşkunöz A.Ş. won the BUSIAD KALDER Quality Grand Award.

    The COŞKUNÖZ Anatolian Technical High School was opened for education.

  • 99

    VDA 6.1 Quality System Certificate was granted ( BVQI ).

  • 00
    Beltan Vibracoustic A.Ş. was deemed worthy of the EFQM great award by BUSİAD – KALDER.

    “CE” certificates of conformity of Resistance Welding machines, resistance welding machine transformers and control units were received.


  • 02
    Magnetto Coşkunöz A.Ş. was established in partnership with Eurostamps SAS.
  • 03

    Beta Seals A.Ş. was established in partnership with DS Beteiligungs.

    Coşkunöz Metal Form Makine End. A.Ş. entered the top 500 companies list of Turkey.

    Coşkunöz A.Ş. received the facility Security Certificate from The Ministry of Defense and NATO.

  • 04

    Belka A.Ş. was established.

    The “Coşkunöz Metal Form Journey to Lean” Project was launched.

  • 05

    Coşkunöz A.Ş. received the certificate of Supplier Approval from TAI.

    Coşkunöz Isı Sistemleri A.Ş.’s German office commenced activities with the Copa brand.

  • 06

    R&D activities were intensified with the establishment of Coşkunöz Ar-Ge A.Ş.

  • 07

    Coşkunöz Savunma Havacılık A.Ş. was established (Eskişehir).

  • 08

    Kerem Pres A.Ş. was incorporated into Coşkunöz Metal Form.

    Freudenberg Coşkunöz Kalıp Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established.

  • 09

    Coşkunöz Metal Form A.Ş. was granted the OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate.

  • 10

    Sınırsız Enerji A.Ş. was established.

    The first of the “Lean Leadership Certification” Program was realized.

    Coşkunöz Metal Form A.Ş. R&D Center was approved as R&D Center by the Ministry of Industry.

  • 11

    Coşkunöz Metal Form INC. received the best supplier award from Citroen. Coşkunöz Metal Form, providing service in mold production to PSA (Peugeot Citroen Group), became one of the 2 companies worldwide that was granted an award by PSA in the investment goods quality field.

    Coşkunöz Savunma Havacılık was evaluated as a“Gold level subcontractor” by TUSAŞ.

    Coşkunöz Solar Enerji A.Ş. was established.

  • 12

    Investments in the energy sector commenced.

    Coşkunöz Holding realized its first overseas investment in the Republic of Tartary, allied to the Russian Federation, with the establishment of Coşkunöz Alabuga.

  • 13

    BetaSeals and Beltan Vibracoustic partnerships were terminated.

    Belka Kauçuk A.Ş. received the Knorr Bremse Supplier of the Year Award.

    Coşkunöz Rüzgar Enerji A.Ş. was established.

    Coşkunöz R&D Center was deemed worthy of championship among more than 300 companies in the fields of “Patent – Utility Model – Industrial Design”, by the Association of Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers (TAYSAD).

    Coşkunöz R&D Center came in first in the industrialist category in the “2nd Machine and Parts Manufacturing Technologies R&D Project Market” which was organized with the support of TUBITAK-TEYDEB and Turkish Exporters Council.  

  • 14

    Coşkunöz R&D was first in the ‘Traditional R&D Project Market in Turkish Automotive Sector’ and ‘Automotive Component Design Competition’.

    Coşkunöz was deemed worthy of the “2013 The Best Investment Project Award” by Alabuga Factory, Russian Automotive Forum.

    Coşkunöz Alabuga Factory started production.

  • 15

    Mold activities within Coşkunöz Metal Form A.Ş. were structured under the roof of a different company by the end of 2015 and Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina A.Ş. was established.

    Coşkunöz Savunma ve Havacılık A.Ş. started work on KAI’s Korean general purpose helicopter KUH Surion’s

  • 17

    Coşkunöz Isı Sistemleri A.Ş. was granted the “2nd Highest Radiator Exporter” Award by ISIB (the Air-Conditioning Industry Exporters’ Association).

    İneva received the “National Globe Award Turkey” presented by Energy Globe Foundation GmbH.

  • 18

    Coşkunöz Metal Form A.Ş. received the championship award in the category of body materials in the Tofaş SupplyChain Performance evaluation.

  • 20

    The CoşkunözMA Romain Factory open in Romain.

    Coşkunöz Education and Foundation, has been awarded by European Commission for Distance and E-learning special Award within the scope Exellence in VET.

    Coşkunöz Education Foundationwas accepred to European Training Foundation Excellence Network.

    In the "Common Tomorrows Special Award Program" organized by TİSK, we awarded the Support for Health Heroes Award with its "Indigenous Medical Equipment Production Project to Fight Against Coronavirus".

Our precious shareholders, partners and employees, the value of Coşkunöz Holding,

Coşkunöz Holding, the foundations of which were laid by M. Kemal Coşkunöz in 1950, continues growing with your self-denying works in the light of its experiences and principles that it takes being the making of ‘the bridge of the industry’ extending from Bursa to the world. We make production at the international standards with our own capital in the ‘cornerstone’ fields of the industry ranging from automotive industry to aerospace and we maintain contributing to the development of Turkish economy. While we are focusing on our growth target by planning our activities from today for taking firm steps to the world of the future and for accelerating our investments with the same ambition and determination, we regard your, our workmates and shareholders, support as a major element in the formation of strong tomorrows. In this regard, we are increasing our workforce every passing day and we are constructing future national industry together. We are placing importance and giving priority to human and environment factors in all areas that we are active today with our 3 sectors and 9 companies, we are making model works by combining productivity with state-of-the-art technology. We know by heart that the foundation of the development of Turkish economy is being nationalized and appreciating own capitals and we utilize our resources for the projects to serve as a model in the local and global arena. We are strengthening our reputation with our philosophy basing on the production, social benefit and the value of manpower each passing day. We are reinforcing our experience, which we have got in more than a half century, with economic and social responsibility projects as well as turnkey projects. As we know that the future will be brighter with the existence of a strong generation. I believe wholeheartedly that we will carry the industry to a stronger place with you, our precious shareholders in the future in accordance with the growth principle by producing.

Hope to continue our collaboration in many projects that we will carry out together.
Oya Coşkunöz Aktaş
Coşkunöz Holding Chairman of the Executive Board
Our Promise
To be the best at what we do, even in this ever-changing world!

To be a global holding that produces sustainable value across all fields of activity.

We are respectful

We respect all values and ethical principles.

We Are Entrepreneurs

We work with courage and passion.

We are competitive and create value on the basis of sustainable/profitable growth.


We Constantly Improve Ourselves

We inspire with different creative ideas, and we constantly learn.

We see innovation as a way of life, and we care about the progress of the sectors in which we work and the society in which we live.


We Are All About Solidarity

We work in a value-driven way with our customers, employees, and all other stakeholders.

Coşkunöz Holding has carried out all its activities within the framework of the ethical elements in its culture, values and principles.

At the point reached today, all activities for the people and organizations, the society, customers, suppliers, partners and employees in the country and abroad have been defined as a whole in line with the management of the Code of Ethics.

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