A meaningful seminar from Coşkunöz Holding for Women’s Day

The owner of Turkey's industrial value-added projects, Coşkunöz Holding, has organized a special seminar for its female employees for Working Women's Day. In the seminar held with the participation of the Psychotherapist and the United Nations Global Women's Economic Empowerment Organization Champion Ebru Tuay,  social gender equality in Turkey and in the world was addressed.  In the seminar held at Podyum Davet hall on March 5, 2019, approximately 200 people have participated.

Making the opening speech of the seminar, Coşkunöz Holding President of the Board Oya Coşkunöz Aktaş said that, “We have a long way to go for gender equality. At this point, women play a big role. We have to be demanding about our rights, to be willing to work and to develop, to work with ambition and to make sacrifices for this cause. There is nothing we cannot do by imagining, working with greed and determination. In this way we will create equality.”

In the seminar organized with the theme of gender equality, mentioning the importance of women in the business life, Coşkunöz Holding CEO A. Erdem Acay said that, “We are aware of the value and importance the women add to us in every aspect of life. We have assigned ourselves these tasks and responsibilities we have in activating this value and providing social gender equality. At this point, we are ready to grab the bull by the horns as Coşkunöz Holding. Although we cannot be the creator of a very fast transformation, the values bearing the signature of women are important and a priority for us. We regard it as our main responsibility to support women to be aware of the power of existence in every sphere of society. We are shaping our mission accordingly as a leading company that directs Turkish industry and sector. I wish Women's Day to be enjoyed by all working women.”

In the seminar; emphasizing that women’s labor is inevitable for economic, communal and social development, Ebru Tuay stated that,  “Woman has an identity that shapes and directs the vision in every field where she works. She worked meticulously in all the needs of society from education to sports, from art to science and became the source of productivity attributed to her. The fact that women are active in every field of society is an undeniable fact of social development. Although it is difficult to establish and maintain the balance between work and life for us, the women, we have the power to change and overcome it. In this context, I hope that what we talk about here today is a source and guide for everyone.”