Altın Eldiven was awarded to Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina with “Near Miss Notification System” in occupational health and safety

Having the largest automotive body part and mold production capacity in Turkey, Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina AŞ was awarded a grand prize at the MESS Altın Eldiven Occupational Health and Safety Competition organized by the Turkish Metal Industries Association (MESS).

Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina, which is the pioneer of its sector with Occupational Health and Safety measures and applications, was awarded the Golden Glove with its concrete applications in the improvement of occupational health and safety by exhibiting its leadership once more in MESS Golden Glove Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Competition.

“Near Miss Notification System Project” implemented by Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina with the aim of zero occupational-work accident was awarded. The “Near Miss Notification System Project” realized in partnership of Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina, which is one of the affiliates of Coşkunöz Holding, and CITS,  was entitled to to receive the 20 thousand TL worth “Training and Consultancy Service” award.

In the system realized in partnership with CITS Informatics Services, incidents without an accident or injury, machine, equipment, building damages and insecure conditions and behaviours are recorded with a system and an early prevention plan is created. Shortly, it is ensured that each incident is notified in a “Near miss” status and that the incident is prevented. Accidents and incidents called Near Miss are experienced around 240 thousand times annually and only 400 of them are recorded by the institutions.

Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina performs case study and root-cause analysis by controlling all large and small hazardous situations in the notification system. Measures to be taken at the end of the analysis are determined and action plan is forwarded to the related employee. With the action plan approved by Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, any possibility that could cause an accident is eliminated from the beginning. All employees can create notifications from the created portal.