CITS will focus on innovative solution

General Manager Assignment has been made in CITS which was established for improving the information Technologies experience to a high level by Coşkunöz Holding in July, 2016. Ertan Göral has become new General Manager of CITS operating on cloud computing and software services. Göral who has gained over 25 years-experience in the management of consultancy and information Technologies in the leading companies of Turkey will guide the projects of the company and make innovative works in the field of information technologies.

Ertan Göral who has developed Information Technologies strategy and management and has made successful works by taking charge in different management positions will offer innovative solutions by adding value to the digital works with the partnership of R&D within CITS. Besides he will get involved in the projects of the company in the fields of smart production systems, data analytic and machine learning, he will also carry on works for the continuation of associations which the shareholders and decision makers of CITS have created as “trustworthy partner”.