Coşkunöz Metal Form will continue its global journey with TURQUALITY®!

Our group company, Coşkunöz Metal Form, the shaped body and chassis parts supplier of the world's leading automotive main industry companies, has been included in the TURQUALITY® support program, which is a program conducted to encourage the branding of Turkish companies abroad. Coşkunöz Metal Form has attained the opportunity to contribute significantly to the development of its brand in the global arena by being included among the 14 automotive supplier industry brands within the scope of this main program, in which indefinite government incentives are offered.

In the TURQUALITY main program, which is conducted by the T.R. Ministry of Commerce and in which the companies accepted to the program have the opportunity to benefit indefinitely, meanwhile corporate infrastructure expenditures for the development of the brand are supported for the first 5 years, expenditures such as advertising, fairs, sponsorship and storage for target markets are also supported for 5 years per country.