The MOZART project, in which Coşkunöz R&D Center participated as a partner, focused on safe and sustainable coating solutions for the replacement of hard chromium in specific applications based on nano-composite electroplating processes, has been funded by European Comission.
Based on the decision of REACH Committee, stricter regulations are imposed for the use of chromium trioxide. The decision obliges companies that have applied to use chromium trioxide to implement strict risk management procedures for various uses of the substance in specific sectors. The EC has proceeded to grant limited authorizations to companies and these authorizations are valid until September 21st, 2024.
Within the scope of the project, studies will be carried out to apply the newly developed coating technology to the surfaces of the dies manufactured by Coşkunöz Kalıp Makina, instead of the hard chroming process currently being applied. One of the most important advantages of this new generation coating process, in which artificial intelligence technology will be integrated, is that local coating can be applied to the areas where wear occurs on the die surface, without the need for re-coating the entire die surface as in the current situation.