Kemal Coşkunöz is remembered with respect

Decedent Kemal Coşkunöz was remembered with love, respect and missing upon his grave at Ahmet Paşa Cemetery by his family, Coşkunöz Holding employees and his friends in 17th years of his death. Commemoration ceremony of decedent Kemal Coşkunöz started with stand in silence made at Coşkunöz Holding companies at 09.00 a.m. The stand in silence was made at the top of machines by being based on stopping the production because of “Even if I die, the machines won’t stop” testament of Kemal Coşkunöz who is well-known with his loyalty to his work and country. The ceremony started with a stand in silence at CSH Company and ended with a short speech in which the life of Kemal Coşkunöz was summarized. A video of images of Decedent M. Kemal Coşkunöz was broadcasted at the dining halls of all the companies in remembrance of the day. After the cemetery visit at Ahmet Paşa Cemetery, an Islamic memorial service was read in pursuit of night prayer at Çekirge 1st Murad Mosque.