Nature and science transformed into inventions with ‘Bu İşte Bilim Var’ project

This year, the third of the “Bu İşte Bilim Var” event, which is a tradition for Coşkunöz Holding and which is being held since 2016 for increasing the interest of children towards science and for making them able to address science with various behaviours and skills in their daily lives, was realized. To the event held outdoor in Bursa and bringing nature and science together with the theme of The Secret of Science is Hidden in Nature, the employees of Coşkunöz Holding have participated with their families.  

Working actively for the education and multi-directional development of younger generations,  Coşkunöz Holding, in the 3rd year of the project, in the entertaining and educatory event  it held for the development of the new generation especially in the light of science, provided the children with an opportunity to entertain while learning with  mind developing activities such as workshops, knowledge contests,  orienteering realized within the scope of science theme.

They raise awareness through workshops and competitions

Coşkunöz Holding employees and their families developed their creativity at events such as Science Workshop, Model Aircraft Workshop, Sailing Boat Workshop. They participated in the orienteering event which developed both mental and physical skills, built Da Vinci Bridge with their families and competed with each other to give the fastest and right answer to the questions combining nature and science in a competitive environment with the knowledge of using the kahoot platform. 

 “With activities endearing science, we encourage future generations to invent”

Hosting Coşkunöz Holding employess and their families in the event, Corporate Communication Division Manager Janset Beklen said that; “With this project, we are very happy to increase the motivation of our employees and to support them to have a pleasant time with their families. We had an enjoyable day with them. Our main aim is to encourage children to love science and to help them to be beneficial to the society. We made inventions to reduce carbon footprint with our children by saying We Rescue the World last year. This year, we have inspired our children to understand what they can easily do even the most difficult things by taking inspiration from nature and to grow outward. We will continue in the coming years by developing our project.”