New armor steel “Dagger” is coming

Coşkunöz Holding; within the “R&D Panel” held with the aim of initiating projects in new projected technology fields by T.R. Ministry of Defense Industry, has drawn a contract for the ‘DAGGER’ project. Coşkunöz Holding will develop its designs that will provide support for terrestial defense systems with the Multiphase Steel Development with Hot Working – DAGGER’ project for MDI.  

One of Turkey's first R&D centers, Coşkunöz R&D Center has achieved yet another success. Carrying out product and technology development activities for many years in sectors such as defense industry and energy as well as developing structural suspension parts such as rear axle, wishbone, motor cradle and parts such as sheet metal shaping molds used in automotive sector, Coşkunöz will use its powerful experience in this field in the project that will be realized with the aim of increasing the terrestrial defense power.

Coşkunöz will carry out the product design, verification, acceptance tests and modelling activities of “DAGGER: Development of Armor Alloy Steel Suitable For Hot Working Process” project approved by MDI “R&D Panel” within the requirements surfaced.  

Coşkunöz R&D Center, which will work on the “DAGGER” project in cooperation with Coşkunöz Holding, will ensure that the suitable armor alloy steel to be used in armored vehicle parts and the hot working method that will ensure that the intended part from this alloy is produced are developed.    

Stating that they work for original, domestic and national solutions, Coşkunöz Holding R&D Director Volkan Akıncı said that; “At Coşkunöz R & D Center, we are working to produce technological support during the formation of our national brands. We are proud to be able to support the domestic and national production of our country by developing our domestic armor steel ”DAGGER“ project which is suitable for production and customer requirements in our superior technology robotic production machines and workshops. We will implement the technology that will contribute to our terrestrial defense with our “DAGGER: Multiphase Steel Development with Hot Wroking” project for the production of armor steel suitable for hot working process. As Coşkunöz R&D Center, accompanied by 65 specialist researchers we work with, we use the latest technologies and engineering tools to implement projects that are suitable for our customers’ demands and that will provide high added value and provide the most effective solution in terms of cost and time. In addition, with our IT partner CITS (Cloud Information Technology Services), we develop patented projects within the framework of our digital transformation road map by carrying out common activities in fields of smart production systems, data analytics and machine learning.”