20 Million EUR investment from Coşkunöz MA in Romania

Coşkunöz Holding invests in Romania to accelerate export of automotive components manufactured by Coşkunöz MA. One of the most important representatives of the automative industry in Turkey, Coşkunöz MA has signed an agreement for manufacturing components for Renault in its new facility.


Coşkunöz MA, established in the partnership of Italian Magnetto and Coşkunöz Metal Form which is one of the leading companies of automative industry in Turkey, starts manufacturing works with purpose and vigor with new investments globally. In the manufacturing facility that will be established with an investment of 20 million Euros in Romania, body group press and rollform sheet metal components will be manufactured.


In the production facility that will be commissioned in a closed area of approximately 13 thousand square meters in Dragasani, manufacturing with transfer and progressive presses, robotic centre, gas metal arc welding and rollform processes will be realized. The facility is expected to have an initial turnover of 37 million euros.


The facility will be activated in 2020

In the facility, components will be manufactured for DACIA 52SQR model to be introduced into the market by Renault, the world’s automative giant. The facility, in which the production line will be activated for trial purposes in 2019, when it  commences mass production in 2020, will reach a steel finishing capacity of 27.000 tonnes annualy at the 1st phase.  

Coşkunöz MA, which was established with the competence and engineering skills of Coşkunöz Metal Form and global power of Magnetto Automotive, will produce with state-of-the-art technology in Romania plant. Capacity and production line adequacy are guaranteed in forward-looking agreements thanks to large facility area.


An 8-year agreement has been made with Renault

Gathering with press members in the meeting, Coşkunöz Metal Form General Manager Aptullah Saner has stated that, ”We have combined the competencies of Coşkunöz Metal Form, our successful engineering background and our industry experience with the Italian brand Magnetto Automotive. In 2002, we established Coşkunöz MA to meet the needs of the automotive supplier industry. Today, Coşkunöz MA facilities have a capacity of 20 thousand tons of sheet metal processing annually. We have accelerated our overseas investment projects in order to increase our activity in the global market. We are making a total investment of 20 Million Euros to Romania. We have made an 8-year production agreement with Renault in our facility in Romania to be started in 2020. We have turned our sectoral adventure which started in 1968 into an exemplary success story with a global production attack. We have become become the largest automative sub-industry firm of Turkey. As Coşkunöz Metal Form, we continue our investments in the local and global industry market to expand our export capacity.”


“There will be new agreements for production”


Emphasizing that they have correctly analysed the market and the commercial route in overseas investments, Coşkunöz Holding CEO A. Erdem Acay has expressed that, “With Coşkunöz Alabuga, we realized an important investment project in Russia in 2014. We have cooperated with MMK Metalurji, one of the most important companies of steel production and established MMK-Coşkunöz-Alabuga. Our plant in Russia engaged in manufacturing for Ford, Mercedes Benz and Kamaz brands was commissioned in 2014. We have achieved the success we expect here and we continue to add value to our investment with new agreements for production. With the experience we have gained from our Russian investment, we wanted to take Coşkunöz MA one step further. We have made a partnership agreement with a world giant like Magnetto Automotive. We believe that we will continue the line we have caught with Coşkunöz Alabuga in Russia with Coşkunöz MA in Romania.”