ADD.ME, with a new perspective in the additive manufacturing sector, provides support and service to its customers at all stages, provides service in the sector with flexible production solutions, fast and turnkey solutions.

With its 70 years of engineering experience, it supports its customers in all processes from design to qualification, especially in the additive manufacturing transformation of conventional parts in the aviation industry.

The most important building blocks of our customer-oriented approach are to be able to return as soon as possible, to offer package solutions that include all the needs of the customer, and to realize the transition from conventional production to additive manufacturing together with the customer by being present at every stage of the product cycle.

Our way of working; order-based design and production activities, prototype productions, poc studies, engineering studies, EU projects, training and consultancy activities.

In flexible production solutions, engineering, production, secondary processes, test validation and quality control studies are carried out for parts of all sizes, including metal and polymer additive manufacturing technologies.

In addition to the materials used, engineering and production studies are carried out by our approved partners specifically for the material, part size and method required by our customers.