Coşkunöz Holding and its affiliated companies proactively implement and perpetually improve the austere and sustainable Environment, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in the production and service activities they offer.

Accordingly, we as Coşkunöz Holding, undertake the following;

· To provide all the resources required to evaluate and consult Occupational Health and Safety regulations on an equal basis with other business interests and processes,

· To perpetually improve our performance while performing environment, energy, occupational health and safety activities, taking into account the expectations of the relevant parties, the best practices within the sector and other conditions, notably the legal legislation,

· To ensure the devoted and active participation of stakeholders with the leadership of all employees during the determination and implementation of the processes, goals and principles,

· To protect the welfare, health and safety of the employees by ensuring that they adopt a risk-based thinking model and identify the hazards and eliminate them with a risk control hierarchy,

· To actively encourage and develop sustainability opportunities by increasing energy and water efficiency, and reducing waste generation and harmful pollutant emissions,

· With the awareness that we are in interaction with the environment and society, to determine the impacts of our activities on the environment waste management, efficient use of energy and natural resources alongside periodically reviewing and keeping possible deviations under control with the principle of perpetual improvement, to minimize these effects and to create the necessary resources for this purpose,

· To keep in mind the energy performances during the design and revision of our processes and to purchase eco-efficient products,

· To reduce carbon emissions from production and services by following developing technologies required for a sustainable world,

· To identify and safely manage prohibited/restricted chemicals and other materials that endanger the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety,

· To engage in activities in order to raise the awareness and consciousness of our employees, suppliers and society in order to improve the environment, energy, occupational health and safety culture,

· To provide the necessary sources and information required to reach these goal 



- Our establishment collects and processes personal data in compliance with the laws of Türkiye and European Union Member countries in order to protect fundamental individual rights and freedoms, notably the right to privacy.

- All of our personal data processing activities are within the scope of our policy. These include the processing of personal and sensitive personal data belonging to the customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, and any data collected and processed by the establishment from any source.

- Our establishment takes the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the appropriate level of security in order to prevent the unlawful processing of the personal data it processes, to prevent illegal access to the data and ensure the preservation of the data, and within this framework, our organization itself conducts the necessary audits or has them conducted.

- Regarding the processing of personal data, our company engages in personal data processing activities in a goal-oriented, limited and temperate manner in accordance with the law and the rules of good faith, in a way that is accurate and up-to-date when necessary and for specific, clear and legitimate purposes;

-Our establishment keeps personal data for as long as deemed necessary by law or for the duration needed for the processing of personal data.

-Our establishment clarifies matters for the personal data owners and provides the necessary information in case personal data owners request information.

-Our establishment acts in accordance with the regulations foreseen in terms of the processing of sensitive personal data and does not perform any acts or activities without explicit consent, except for the cases expressly stipulated in the laws.

- Our establishment carries out actions and activities by taking the proper course of action regarding the regulations stipulated in the law concerning the transfer of personal data.

-We resume our activities for the protection of personal data with traceable, measurable and admissable objectives.

-Our establishment raises awareness regarding the protection of personal data and relays its related obligations to its parties that are involved in internal and external matters.

-Our establishment conducts trainings to develop technical and behavioural competencies in order to raise awareness about the protection of Personal Data.

- Our establishment manages the personal data violations, evaluates the issue according to the disciplinary procedure, and subsequently informs the board officials of indictable offences and violations.

- Our establishment, with process-based asset inventory and process-based risk assessment, consistently monitors the confidentiality, integrity, and currentness of data and the authorizations to access personal data.

-Our establishment is committed to the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Management System, its systematic management, consistent improvement of the system and allocating the resources required by the system.




The objective of the Information Security Policy is to ensure the business continuity of COŞKUNÖZ HOLDING and its affiliated group companies and to reduce the impact of potential threats, prevent information security incidents or minimize the risk of any damage that can potentially occur.

Within this context, the aim is to establish an Information Security Management System and comply with the ISO 27001:2013 standard.


This policy covers the information assets within the scope of Coşkunöz Holding. Practised by employees in all locations, suppliers/contractors inside and outside the location.


The Information Security Board of Directors is responsible for keeping the risks to company information assets at an acceptable level approved by the senior management within the framework of the scope.


The objective of the policy is to protect the company's information assets against threats, whether they be internal or external, intentional or unintentional.

Coşkunöz Holding General Coordinator has approved this policy.

The Information Security Policy secures all the requirements below:

-Determination of processes and information assets, and methodological actualization of risk assessments regarding these items

- Protection of information from unauthorized access

- Providing the confidentiality of the information

- Protection of the integrity of information

- Access to information whenever business processes require to do so

- Fulfillment of statutory duties and legal obligations arising from contracts

-Developing and improving business perpetuity plans

-Providing Information Security trainings for all employees

-Ensuring that all Information Security violations or suspected violations are reported to the Information Security Board of Directors and subsequently reviewed by them.

Procedures and the associated instructions have been defined to support this policy.
Information Security is provided by giving consideration to the needs of the business.

The Information Security Board of Directors ensures the development of the Information Management System, documentation and consistent improvement of this policy and all related documents.

All management personnel are responsible for the units they are in the management of, in regards to their compliance with this policy and the related procedures.

Compliance with the Information Security Policy is mandatory for all employees.



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